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Fence Post Pumpkins – The Easiest DIY Fall / Halloween Decor Ever


While I’d like to give credit where credit is due..I’m not exactly sure where I got the idea for these fence post pumpkins.  I like to take an idea from one site…combine it with another…add another….and so on.

Plus, I like to make things on the cheap…and these were OH SO CHEAP….less than 5 bucks for a set of three pumpkins.  BOOM! 

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I’m Raising My Favorite Player


Just created a new design (for myself).  ;)  My son is in football and my daughter plays basketball.  The design reads, “some people have to wait a lifetime to meet their favorite player…I’m raising mine”.

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Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 5.26.01 PM

Repurposed / Recycled Picture Frame Pumpkin Patch (Outdoor Fall Decor)

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He Did It…She Did it….Funny T-Shirt Designs for Twins & Siblings


<—-he did it—->she did it<—she did it—->he did it! There’s lots of blame to go around with these hysterical t-shirt graphics for twins and siblings. Picture your kiddos sitting side by side wearing these darling shirts.

I’ve included left arrow…and right arrow versions for both boys and girls so you can have two “he did its” or two “she did its” or one of each.   Click here for the printable, download, DIY-iron-on versions of these designs.

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New Twins and Sibling Digital Downloads – Monkey See, Monkey Do…Eggs & Bacon

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 1.09.43 PM

I just added two of my popular t-shirt designs for twins / siblings to my digital download store on ETSY.  Save money and “DIY” a pair of shirts for your kiddos!

Click here to check out all of the twin and sibling options including Big Brother / Sister tees and more. 

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4 Years of DIY Sibling Halloween Costumes…and A Collection of Favorites (update!)

Alright, I am going to just throw it out there.  I don’t like Halloween….at all.  I don’t like creepy things, I don’t like dead things and I *really* don’t like bloody things.   Read more…

state pride

State Pride: Burlap Prints or Digital Downloads

I just finished a series of prints (and printables) showcasing the states.   These are great for anniversary / wedding / engagement gifts, or as a sweet send-off gift for a college student.  Personally, I’m putting the Minnesota love one in my own home to celebrate my roots. Read more…

New Design! A Girl Without Freckles…On Burlap or Digital Download

So the kids are back to school and I’m back to work.  I’ve created quite a few designs in the last week or so but this is a personal favorite of mine.

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She is Clothed in Strength and Dignity (Update: Printable & Burlap Print Available)

….so I designed this for my daughter and suddenly it’s my most popular pin on Pinterest….thousands of pins!

By popular demand I’ve also created printable (black, transparent & pink) versions of it (a digital download, burlap print and poster.

Burlap Printed

Digital Download 

18X24 inch poster

Share and enjoy!



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Sloth - Slow is the New Fast

*New* Sloth Gear – Slow is the New Fast

I have a thing for sloths.  They are cute…and lazy…which is awesome. Read more…

Shucking Corn – The Quick and Easy Way

Shucking Corn the Easy Way - A Quick Tutorial

I’ve been barbecuing nearly every night all summer long. Not because I love to cook…but because I like having a mess outside vs. inside. Read more…

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 9.28.55 AM

New Design! All You Need is Love

I love typography and putting a fresh spin on an old saying or song.  My new design reads, “All You Need is Love – Love is All You Need”.

It’s available in a variety of styles, sizes and gift options at my CafePress store.

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Mini Bathroom Makeover “It’s a J-Thing”

I live in an older home and my kids’ bathroom has been making me crazy. It’s really outdated and I wanted to make it more modern without a total do-over. Read more…

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