New Mother’s / Father’s Day Gifts! “Promoted to Grandma / Grandpa”

Promoted to Grandpa

Promoted to Grandma

I just redesigned two of my best selling t-shirts that read, “Promoted to Grandpa” / “Promoted to Grandma”.   These are fantastic for Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day and grandparents day!

Click the designs above to view the gift options at my CafePress store!

Rock the Bump! A New Maternity T-Shirt Design

I love it when I see a pregnant woman “rocking” her bump vs. trying to hide / camouflage it.  That’s why I created this simple “Rock the Bump” maternity tee featuring an old-school vinyl record.

Right now you can get this t-shirt at my CafePress Store and check back soon to find it at my Zazzle store!

Rock the Bump!  A Maternity Tee for Cool Pregnant Chicks

Rock the Bump! A Maternity Tee for Cool Pregnant Chicks

New Design for Montana-Lovers! Four Zero Six

I just finished up a new design for Montana-lovers, travelers and wannabe Montanans!

It reads, “Four Zero Six” in the silhouette of Montana – the only area code in the last best place.

This design is available at my Cafepress and Zazzle Stores and it’s available in a variety of colors, sizes, etc…

Four Zero Six - A Montana Lover's Design

Girl on a Mission – An Africa Mission Trip Design

I was recently asked to create a custom design for someone who is going on an upcoming mission trip to Kenya.  Oddly enough, I am also planning a “mother and me” trip to Uganda in the fall so I created this design for both of us.

Girl on a Mission Africa Shirt / Hoodie

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april fools day.jpg

Easy Meatloaf “Cupcakes” for April Fools Day

I must admit, I am a big fan of April Fool’s Day and always have been.  In fact, I used to torture my older sisters with pranks (like booby-trapping bedroom doors with pull-string fireworks and saran wrapping toilet seats).   Read more…

Free Facebook Cover for Dog-Lovers!

I just created another FB cover featuring my very own “Gabby” when she was a pup.

Feel free to pin and share!

(right click…save to your desktop and then follow FB instructions for uploading as your cover).

Free Facebook Cover for Dog-Lovers

Need a St. Patricks Day T-Shirt – STAT? “Temporarily Irish” – Iron-on Transfer

Are you a St. Patty’s Day Irishman / woman wanna’be?  Me too.  That’s why I created this unique “temporarily Irish” iron-on t-shirt graphic.

You can grab one and DIY your own t-shirt / onesie / bib… minutes with an instant ETSY graphic download.

Temporarily Irish Onesie Iron-On


Organized Tank Tops - Shower Curtain Rings

Tank Top Organization Using Shower Curtain Rings

I’ve been looking for an easy and inexpensive way to organize my tank tops and camis for awhile now (via Pinterest, naturally)

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*New* – “Love Always Wins” Printable

click here to print / view this image @Etsy! 

Love Always Wins Iron-On

*NEW* – Big Brother / Sister Iron-On Designs

Brand New Big Brother / Sister T-Shirt / Iron-on Designs!

Click the image to view the designs @Etsy!

T-Shirt Giveaway Time! “Be the Good” Graphic Tee…Click it, Like it, Share it…win it!

I am giving away a “Be the Good” (in the world) t-shirt at my Zazzle store.  All you have to do to enter is to pin the giveaway photo on Pinterest, “Like” it on Facebook and/or Share it on Facebook.

Be The Good T-Shirt Giveaway

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funny cartoon iron-on printables

Just Added…Cute Cartoon Onesie / Bib Printables

I just added two new cartoon onesies / bib printables to my Etsy store.  These are super-silly and fun and would make a unique (and inexpensive) baby gift!

Visit my Etsy store to view these silly-tees..and more! 


I love my ant...and my aunt rocks printable iron-on design @Etsy

You Say, “Aunt”…I Say “Ant” – Silly T-Shirt Designs for Either

Ants (and/or aunts) need more love.  That’s why I designed these two “I love my ant…and aunts rock” t-shirts.  These are downloadable / printable at my Etsy store! or already printed at my zazzle store! 

How do you say it?  I say ant.  :)



Valentine's Day "Mother" Tattoo Tee / Onesie / Clip Art

“Mother” Tattoo Onesie / Creeper Iron On

This is a popular Valentine’s Day…(and beyond) design on my zazzle store that I just redesigned as a printable iron-on graphic for my Etsy store. Every baby needs a “mother” tat, right?

Get yours here:

 Valentine's Day "Mother" Tattoo Onesie / Creeper / T-Shirt iron on

Free Facebook Cover – Be Silly, Be Honest, Be Kind.

I just turned this t-shirt design into a FREE FACEBOOK COVER.

Simply click on the image, right click the image, click “save as”, save to your desktop and follow FB instructions to post it.

Share & Enjoy!


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