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State Pride: Burlap Prints or Digital Downloads

I just finished a series of prints (and printables) showcasing the states.   These are great for anniversary / wedding / engagement gifts, or as a sweet send-off gift for a college student.  Personally, I’m putting the Minnesota love one in my own home to celebrate my roots. Read more…

New Design! A Girl Without Freckles…On Burlap or Digital Download

So the kids are back to school and I’m back to work.  I’ve created quite a few designs in the last week or so but this is a personal favorite of mine.

A Girl Without Freckles Read more…

She is Clothed in Strength and Dignity (Update: Printable & Burlap Print Available)

….so I designed this for my daughter and suddenly it’s my most popular pin on Pinterest….thousands of pins!

By popular demand I’ve also created printable (black, transparent & pink) versions of it (a digital download, burlap print and poster.

Burlap Printed

Digital Download 

18X24 inch poster

Share and enjoy!



Read more…

Sloth - Slow is the New Fast

*New* Sloth Gear – Slow is the New Fast

I have a thing for sloths.  They are cute…and lazy…which is awesome. Read more…

Shucking Corn – The Quick and Easy Way

Shucking Corn the Easy Way - A Quick Tutorial

I’ve been barbecuing nearly every night all summer long. Not because I love to cook…but because I like having a mess outside vs. inside. Read more…

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 9.28.55 AM

New Design! All You Need is Love

I love typography and putting a fresh spin on an old saying or song.  My new design reads, “All You Need is Love – Love is All You Need”.

It’s available in a variety of styles, sizes and gift options at my CafePress store.

Read more…


Mini Bathroom Makeover “It’s a J-Thing”

I live in an older home and my kids’ bathroom has been making me crazy. It’s really outdated and I wanted to make it more modern without a total do-over. Read more…

Love you to the moon and back

Brand New Design! Love you to the Moon and Back

This is one of my all-time favorite sayings.  I say it to my kids…and they say it back.  That’s why I created this design.  I thought it would make a great greeting card or a cute baby shower gift (check out the onesie).  Read more…

Do you even lift, sis?

Do You Even Lift, Sis?

You’ve heard the question “do you even lift, bro?” What about lady-lifters – sister-lifters? This design reads, “do you even lift, sis?” and it’s available on tees, mugs, water bottles, keychains and more!  EDITED:  Just added this item to CafePress too!  View the cute hoodie below!  LOVE IT!

Read more…

Free Dog Treat Label Printable

Free printable! I just made a label for my dog treats I thought I’d share. Just right click to save it, resize it, print it on sticker paper / cut it out / apply to treat jar (i’m using a large mason jar)…and wa-la! enjoy.  I use for quick edits like resizing.
Free Dog Treat Label

Get Fit I Live Well – a New Tee & Gift Design for Gym Junkies!

This design reads, “get fit, live well” and features a barbell for those who love weight-training. This makes a great gift for your favorite fitness-fanatic, crossfit, gym-rat and more! It’s available in a variety of styles, sizes and options (including water bottles).

It’s available @ my Zazzle store.  Click the image for options! 

Get Fit - Live Well / A Weight Training Design

New Mother’s Day Design – Great Moms Get Promoted to Grandma

I just revamped one of my most popular designs (just in time for mother’s day).

It’s available in a variety of gift options including t-shirts, keychains and more!  Click here to view the t-shirt option.  Visit my homepage on Zazzle for more!


Custom Dog Art

Custom Dog Art / Pet Portraits

I continue to receive requests for my custom dog art from friends, family and Facebook fans so I’ve decided to start offering 12X12 canvas-backed digital dog portraits for only $30 each (plus shipping).   Read more…

New Mother’s / Father’s Day Gifts! “Promoted to Grandma / Grandpa”

Promoted to Grandpa

Promoted to Grandma

I just redesigned two of my best selling t-shirts that read, “Promoted to Grandpa” / “Promoted to Grandma”.   These are fantastic for Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day and grandparents day!

Click the designs above to view the gift options at my CafePress store!

Rock the Bump! A New Maternity T-Shirt Design

I love it when I see a pregnant woman “rocking” her bump vs. trying to hide / camouflage it.  That’s why I created this simple “Rock the Bump” maternity tee featuring an old-school vinyl record.

Right now you can get this t-shirt at my CafePress Store and check back soon to find it at my Zazzle store!

Rock the Bump!  A Maternity Tee for Cool Pregnant Chicks

Rock the Bump! A Maternity Tee for Cool Pregnant Chicks

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