UPDATE: I’ve been asked to make some of these for purchase so they are available on Etsy – free shipping…or, follow the instructions below and make your own!  

My husband and I recently attended a furniture / accessories market in Las Vegas where t-shirt “rope” necklaces were extremely popular.

We purchased several of them and they flew off the shelves at the small business my husband works at.  Here’s an awesome free tutorial on how these are created with recycled t-shirt yarn.

Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 10.49.16 AM

While I am crazy about these…and will likely make a few, I have a bunch of leftover yarn and thought it would be fun to create the same concept using crochet.

Here’s what I made…(and how I made it – below).

rope necklace / infinity scarf

rope necklace / infinity scarf

Supplies:  Scissors, crochet hook (depends upon size of yarn but I used a 5.5), one skein of yarn (your choice – but I used Vanna’s Choice in Autumn Print.  *if you have multiple colors of leftover yarn…this would be a fun project to use them up as long as they coordinate!)

  • Start by crocheting a chain as long as you want your necklace to be.
  • Then, connect the chain into a loop using a slip stitch.
  • Make 4-5 more single crochet chains approximately the same length (I made each chain slightly different to give the necklace / scarf more “detail”) attaching each “loop” of the necklace to the other chains with slip-stitches.
  • Then, make another single crochet chain and HDC the entire chain to make thicker “strands”.  Do this 4-5 more times and  continue to attach the loops with slip stitches at the top.

***Alltogether I have 4 single crochet strands and 5 HDC strands for this necklace***

  • When you are done making the strands (you can make as many as you want for your desired thickness), lay the scarf/necklace out and make sure the strands are not twisted together and form a circle.

Like this…


  • Next, make another chain (still connected to the others) of approximately 300 stitches.  This is the chain that you will use to secure all of your loops together.  Simply wrap the chain around the area where you connected the loops.

Like this…

Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 11.09.00 AM

 Tie the end to one of the strands so it is secure and tuck the ends in.

Wa-la!  You have a gorgeous & unique infinity scarf / rope necklace!

Want some matching boot-cuffs?  Here’s a pattern I posted a few weeks ago using the same yarn!

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….just finished another one and wanted to share what it looks like in a solid color. I am making a few of these for teacher gifts. They only take 2 hours to complete!


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